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MIND HH52P Relay

  • MIND Electrical Time Delay Relay
  • MIND HH52P Relay
  • Product Name:

    MIND HH52P Relay
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  • Price:

    USD / PC
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Product Abstract:

MIND electric HH52 series relay is a highly reliable miniature general purpose control relay.

Product Description




Basic Information

  • Original:

    Made In China
  • Market:

    China, USA, Europe, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, U.A.E., India, etc...
  • Relay Type:

    Plug-in: HH52P, HH52P-L, HH52P-F, HH52P-FL, HH52P-R
  • Relay Type:

    Printed Circuit Board: HH52B, HH52B-L, HH52B-F, HH52B-FL, HH52B-R
  • Relay Type:

    Flange: HH52S, HH52S-F
  • Relay Type:

    Stud-bolt: HH52E, HH52E-L, HH52E-F, HH52E-FL
  • Coil Voltage:

    AC220V, AC110V, AC48V, AC24V, AC12V, AC6V, DC24V, DC6V, DC12V, DC48V, DC110V
  • Contact Voltage:

    240V AC, 120V AC, 120V DC, 30V DC
  • Contact Capacity:

  • Option:

    With Indicator, With Surge Suppression Circuit, Dual Coil Magnetic Latching
  • Features:

    Small Size, Light Weight, High Reliability, Long Life, etc...
  • Dimension:

    41.7x28x21.5 mm
  • Weight:

  • Lead Time:

    Stock Available
  • Certificate:

    ABS , BKI, BV , CCS , DNV , GL , LR , KR , NK , RINA , RS , IRS
  • For More Information:

    Please feel free to contact with Lead Marine.
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