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DEFA Inverter 1200W 12V

Product Abstract:

China DEFA Technology Wuxi 709090 and 709191 1200w 12V to 230VAC inverter, a compact, reliable and silent inverter for light commercial vehicles.

Product Description


China DEFA 1200W Inverter


Technical Specifications

  • Option Version:

    709090 with transfer switch.
  • Option Version:

    709191 without transfer switch.
  • Output Power:

  • Features:

    The DEFA inverter 1200W is highly efficient, easy to install, and provides reliable 230VAC power.
  • Input Voltage:

    10 ~ 16V DC
  • Output Voltage:

    220V ~ 240V AC
  • Protection:

  • Dimension:

    360 X 225 X 92.5 mm
  • Weight:

    4.5 Kg
  • Lead Time:

    Stock available.
  • Maintenance:

    The 709090 and 709191 inverter is maintenace free.
  • For More Information:

    Please feel free to contact with Lead Marine.