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China Isolated Barrier

Product Abstract:

CHENZHU GS8500-EX series isolated barrier with a wide range of applications, is a reliable signal transmission between the field device and the control system.

Product Description


China Chenzhu Isolated Barrier


Technical Specification

  • Digital Input:

    GS8512-EX.11, GS8512-EX.12, GS8512-EX.22, GS8512-EX.33, GS8519-EX.11
  • Fire and Smoke:

    GS8565-EX, GS8566-EX, GS8065-EX
  • Electrode Input:

    GS8515-EX Level Control Isolated Barriers.
  • Digital Output:

    GS8523-EX, GS8523-EX.I, GS4123-EX, LBGS8023-EX, GS5023-EX
  • Analogue Input:

    GS8531-EX, GS8532-EX, GS8535-EX, GS8536-EX, GS8547-EX, GS8347-EX, GS8247-EX.AMR
  • Analogue Input:

    GS8247-EX.MR, GS8247-EX.AR, GS8247-EX.AM, GS4044-EX, GS4045-EX, GS4046-EX
  • Analogue Input:

    LBGS8032-EX, LBGS8047-EX, LBGS8035-EX, GS5045-EX, GS5035-EX, GS5036-EX
  • Analogue Output:

    GS8567-EX, GS8568-EX, GS4067-EX, LBGS8067-EX, GS5038-EX, GS5067-EX, LBGS8031-EX
  • Frequency Input:

    GS8552-EX.11, GS8552-EX.12, GS8552-EX.22, GS8554-EX.11, GS8554-EX.12, GS8554-EX.22
  • Frequency Input:

  • Voltage Input:

    GS8589-EX.11, GS8589-EX.22
  • Safety Switch Input:

    GS8511-EX explosion proof elevator, safety door, isolated barrier
  • Vibration Sensor Input:

    GS8557-EX, GS8558-EX
  • Frequency Conversion

    GS8555-EX, GS8355-EX
  • Temperature Input:

    GS8572-EX, GS8572-EX.RTD, GS8572-EX.R, GS8572-EX.TC, GS8576-EX, GS8576-EX.RTD
  • Temperature Input:

    GS8576-EX.TC, GS8576-EX.R, GS8579-EX, GS8579-EX.RTD, GS8579-EX.TC, GS8579-EX.R
  • Temperature Input:

    GS8577-EX, GS8577-EX.RTD, GS8577-EX.TC, GS8578-EX, GS8578-EX.RTD, GS8578-EX.TC
  • Temperature Input:

    GS8074-EX, GS8081-EX, GS8272-EX.AMR, GS8272-EX.MR, GS8272-EX.AR, GS8272-EX.AM
  • Temperature Input:

    GS4072-EX, LBGS8071-EX, LBGS8077-EX, LBGS8072-EX, GS5076-EX, GS5076-EX.TC
  • Temperature Input:

    GS5079-EX, GS5079-EX.TC, GS5071-EX, GS5072-EX
  • Communication Input:

    GS8592-EX.0, GS8592-EX.1, GS8592-EX.2, GS8592-EX.3, GS8595-EX.0, GS8595-EX.1
  • Communication Input:

    GS8595-EX.2, GS8595-EX.3, GS8599-EX.0, GS8599-EX.1, GS8599-EX.2, GS8599-EX.3
  • Communication Input:

    GS8591-EX.0, GS8591-EX.1, GS8591-EX.2, GS8591-EX.3, GS8593-EX.0, GS8593-EX.1
  • Communication Input:

    GS8593-EX.2, GS8593-EX.3, GS8596-EX.0, GS8596-EX.1, GS8596-EX.2, GS8596-EX.3
  • Communication Input:

    GS8594-EX.0, GS8594-EX.1, GS8594-EX.2, GS8594-EX.3, GS8597-EX.0, GS8597-EX.1
  • Communication Input:

    GS8597-EX.2, GS8597-EX.3, GS8598-EX.0, GS8598-EX.1, GS8598-EX.2, GS8598-EX.3
  • Communication Input:

    GS8593B-EX, LBGS8093-EX
  • No. of Channels:

    1 input 1 output, 1 input 2 outputs, 2 inputs 2 outputs, 3 inputs 3 outputs
  • Input Singnal:

    Switch, 0~20mA, 4~20mA, HART, Pt100, RS-485, RS-232, 0~5V, etc...
  • Output Singnal:

    Relay, Transistor, 0~20mA, 4~20mA, HART, RS-485, RS-232, 0~5V, etc...
  • EX Symbol:

    Ex ia Ga II C
  • Ambient Temperature:

    -20℃ ~ +60℃
  • Suitable Location:

    Zone 0, Zone 1, Zone 2, IIA, IIB, IIC, T4~T6, etc...
  • HS Code:

  • Dimension:

    118.9x106x12.5 mm
  • Weight:

  • Lead Time:

    Stock Available.
  • Certificate:

    ABS , BKI , BV , CCS , DNV , GL , LR , KR , NK , RINA , RS
  • For More Information:

    Please feel free to contact with Lead Marine.