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CMR Sfaif Ammeter

Product Abstract:

SFAIF CMR Shanghai ZiYi Marine Instrument specializing in direct acting indicating analogue electrical measuring marine ammeters.

Product Description


China CMR Sfaif Ammeter


Technical Specification

  • Origin:

    Made In China
  • Market:

    China, Germany, USA, Europe, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, U.A.E., India, etc...
  • DC Ammeter:

    Q72-BC, Q72-BCO, Q72-BCA, Q96-BC, Q96-BCO, Q96-BCA, Q144-BC, Q144-BCO, Q144-BCA
  • DC Ammeter:

    Q72-ZC, Q72-ZCO, Q72-ZCA, Q96-ZC, Q96-ZCO, Q96-ZCA, Q144-ZC, Q144-ZCO, Q144-ZCA
  • DC Ammeter:

    Q96D-BC, Q96D-BCA, Q144D-BC, Q144D-BCA, Q240D-BC, Q240D-BCA, Q96H-BC, Q48-BC
  • DC Ammeter:

    45C3-A, 13C3-A, 63C11-A, 63C11D-A, Q96-ZCO-1, 13C3-1-A, 84C4-A
  • Measurement Range:

    0~0.5mA, 0~1mA, 0~2mA, 0~3mA, 0~5mA, 0~15mA, 0~20mA, 0~30mA, 0~50mA, 0~75mA
  • Measurement Range:

    0~100mA, 0~150mA, 0~200mA, 0~300mA, 0~500mA, 0~600mA, 4~20mA, 0~1A, 0~2A
  • Measurement Range:

    0~3A, 0~5A, 0~10A, 0~15A, 0~20A, 0~30A, 0~50A, 0~75A, 0~100A, 0~150A, 0~200A
  • Measurement Range:

    0~300A, 0~500A, 0~750A, 0~1KA, 0~1.5KA, 0~2KA, 0~3KA, 0~4KA, 0~4.5KA
  • Measurement Range:

    0~5KA, 0~6KA, 0~7.5KA
  • Scale Range:

    90°, 240°
  • Accuracy:

  • Option:

    With Back Light, With Alarm
  • Protection:

    IP42 , IP52
  • Working Temperature:

    -25℃ ~ +55℃
  • HS Code:

  • Dimension:

    48x48x56mm , 72x72x80mm , 96x96x80mm , 144x144x80mm , 240x240x80mm
  • Weight:

  • Lead Time:

    Stock Available.
  • Certificate:

    ABS , BKI , BV , CCS , DNV , GL , LR , KR , NK , RINA , RS
  • For More Information:

    Please feel free to contact with Lead Marine.