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    Electrical Cable Catalogue
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    Electrical Cable Marking Specification
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    US$ 0.8 / Meter
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Product Abstract:

Electrical Cable Marking Specification

Product Description


Type Of Cable - Letter Code
Electrical Cable Marking Specification. ( China Standard )
Code For Elecrrical Cable Series
C Shipborad Power Cable
CK Shipborad Controal Cable
CH Shipboard Telecommunication Cable
Code For Insulation
Code For Sheath
F CR ( SE1 )
H CSM ( SH )
PF Losh Non-cross-Linked PO sheath ( SHF1 )
PJ  Losh Cross-Linked PO sheath ( SHF2 )
V PVC sheath
Code For Armour And Out Sheath
0 No outer sheath
2 PVC out sheath
5 Cross-Linked PO outer sheath
6 Non-Cross-Linked PO outer sheath
8 Tinned copper wire braided
9 Galvanized steel wire braided
Code For Other Construction
P Wire or twised pair with separately screen
R Flexible construction for conductor
Code For Flammability
DA Single cable flame retardant ( IEC60332-1 )
DC Single flame retordance,low smoke,halogen free,low toxicity
NC Fire resistant,low smoke,halogen free,low toxicity
  Bunched cables flame retardant ( IEC60332-3A )
SA Bunched flame retardance,reteasing smoke,halogen and toxicity
SC Bunched cables flame retardance,low smoke,halogen free,low toxicity
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